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Dennie Graphics customers are very diverse. We enjoy dealing with each of them and their unique needs.

Take a look at a few of our customers below and some of the services that Dennie Graphics provides for them.

Walkerton United Pentecostal Church

Before: The church has tried doing a website for years. They wanted a professional looking website that was mobile friendly, easy to use and was easy to update. One other key area was search engine optimization.

After: Developed a clean looking website using the church logo, introduction video and monthly church updates. SEO was accomplished and the church website and map now show up when searched.

Ultra Manufacturing

Before: Ultra Manufacturing wanted a website for their new and existing customers to be able to find out about all of the services they could provide.

After: Working with Dennie Graphics, Ultra Manufacturing developed a unique website, complete with feedback forms and product & equipment information.

Louis Plumlee Dentistry

Before: Louie Plumlee dentistry wanted to develop a web site for new and existing customers that would show and highlight cosmetic dentistry as well as the other dental services they provided. The web site needed to be visually appealing and have photos that demonstrated the dental techniques discussed on the web site.

After: Dennie Graphics developed a web site along with Dr. Plumlee that fulfilled all of current needs of Louis Plumlee Dentistry. Scanning in slides of actual customers and added narrative text, all of the techniques and services that Dr. Plumlee wanted to display are on the web site. A link to Dr. Plumlee's web site is found in the Plymouth, IN Chamber of Commerce home page to aid existing and new residents to the area to find information about his dental practice.